Flatcoated Retriever de la Ruaz

Story: We had a lovely holiday in England, Royal Berkshire, but unfortunately both taken ill at the same time. We asked the hotel to recommend a dog walking service and we struck gold. We were put in touch with the owner of Walkies-n-sit who proved to be a most excellent and reliable dog walker. is a professional, friendly and seasoned canine walking business that puts the care and joy of your pet dog and delivering a first class personal service as the number one priority.

They know that your pet dog is one of the most valuable members of your household. In reality, the little mutt is most likely in charge. And, whilst there is little doubt that you are the most qualified person to be overseeing their exercise and training regimes, due to your full social diary, you can not constantly be at their beck and call.' philosophy is to treat every pet dog as if it was their own. So while your hectic Reading life takes you here, there and everywhere, your pooch remains in the best possible hands: being walked by a trusted and responsible walker, playing video games, having fun in the park and being snuggled silly. In other words: Stroll. Play. Love.

Their strolls are mainly done one-to-one (occasionally in really small groups at your approval) ensuring that they get the undistracted attention they should have. The Walkies-n-sit walkers are available from Calcot to Woodley and Sonning Eye to Shinfield, enthusiastic about canines, committed to their jobs and exceptionally trusted. They are picked after an extensive interview process and are picked for their experience, commitment and love of all things dog. We aim to ensure you constantly have the same walker for each walk, but we will also have backups in case they are away. Take a look at the Walkers page for more info.

They also provide a homely pet sitting service that can supply sitters to take care of your dog at your house or with one of our group, and we work with a fabulous in-house pet fitness instructor in case you require any additional assistance.

Walkies-n-sit do not use vans. They guarantee that your dog gets the optimum amount of exercise and enjoyable rather than spending the majority of their time cooped up inside with inferior pets.

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